Hydramet specialises in water treatment solutions with a strong focus on chlorination, disinfection and chemical dosing for potable and wastewater treatment applications.


Hydramet has gained a detailed understanding of the proven safety and operational procedures involving chlorine through working with regulatory bodies and chlorine gas suppliers. Hydramet has used this knowledge, expertise in the industry and the application of the Australian Standards to develop the following training courses:

NWP277A Work Safely with Liquefied Chlorine Gas ONLINE BOOKING NOW AVAILABLE

Chlorine Maintenance Training

Sodium Hypochlorite Training ONLINE BOOKING NOW AVAILABLE

Hundreds of staff from Water Utilities and all relevant sectors of industry have been trained on the safe handling of chlorine (gas and sodium hypochlorite), it’s properties and the proper use and maintenance of the various chlorination and chemical dosing equipment by the skilled trainers at Hydramet


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Work Safely with Liquefied Chlorine Gas
Wed, 14-05-2014
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Wed, 07-05-2014
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Wed, 23-07-2014
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