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The Latest Innovation in Water Quality Monitoring

Posted on April 27, 2017
The Latest Innovation in Water Quality Monitoring

The latest innovation from ATI is a multi-parameter water quality monitor providing a flexible method of collecting and delivering data even from remote locations. MetriNet is an integrated system for monitoring water quality at remote sites and transmitting the data for web-based storage, or to designated data handling sites.

Designed specifically for applications in water distribution networks, the MetriNet allows ‘no compromise’ continuous measurement of all the main water quality parameters you need to measure in distribution networks:

  • Residual chlorine ( free and combined)
  • Turbidity
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Temperature

At the heart of the system are ATi’s new series of smart digital sensors,  the industry-leading M-Nodes, that come complete with all the communications protocols needed and expected in today’s digital age, as well as a good old-fashioned analogue output.

The M-Nodes are complete sensor and monitor devices in one miniature package. The operate independently and may be calibrated anywhere. Sensor and bus connectors are IP67 for maximum protection.

M-Nodes are ultra low-powered and run autonomously for years at a time on small batteries. Alternatively they can be powered from a local plc or telemetry system. Flexibility really is the name of the game with M-Node sensors, they can be connected to any data gathering system.

MetriNet perfectly combines ATI's smart digital sensors and data handling capabilities to enable users to assemble monitoring units that fit individual site requirements.

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