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Using infrared absorption technology to detect ammonia gas

Ammonia gas detector

Product Specifications

Product Title: Ammonia gas detector
Product Code: E12-15
Brand: ATI
The E12-15 IR infrared gas detector is a rugged, reliable microprocessor based intelligent gas detector. The high level ammonia gas detector can be used to monitor from PPM levels to explosive levels of ammonia gas.

The E12-15 IR is ideally suited for use in harsh environments where electrochemical sensor life can be short. Areas such as engine rooms, emergency vents, or other high level NH3 areas are excellent appliations. The E12-15 IR Infrared Gas Detector will perform reliably in the presence of silicone and other catalytic poisoning agents and can also operate in oxygen free environments or where high background gas levels are present. There are no known poisons that affect this technology.

The E12-15 IR is a stand-alone device providing a linear continuous 4 to 20 mA output representing 0 to full scale.

  • Requires no routine calibration to ensure proper operation
  • Continuous self-test automatically indicates a fault,
    with fail to safe operation
  • A multi-layered filtering system protects optics from
    dirt and water ingress
  • Straight optical path eliminates the need for reflective
    surfaces, such as mirrors or beam splitters
  • Highly resistant to poisoning and etching
  • Standard 4 to 20 mA output (current source)
  • Explosion proof housing designed for harsh environments
Specification Document: Ammonia gas detector brochure
Ammonia gas detector manual
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