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Chlorination and Fluoridation project designed for operator safety

Chlorination and Fluoridation




Western Australia


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  • Installation
  • Fabrication
  • Design

Designed for operator safety

Hydramet is proud to have manufactured a chlorination and fluoridation building with several operator safety innovations.

The project replaces existing chlorine and fluoride dosing systems to increase capacity to  4.7mL/day.

Manual handling

The building houses an eight cylinder sequential draw chlorine dosing system. There is a total of 16 cylinders which operators change every other day.

To reduce the manual handling risks of moving cylinders that weigh 140kg when full, the scale bases are recessed into the floor. This means that operators no longer need to lift cylinders onto the scale bases and can roll them into place.

Nor do they need to keep bending down.  A simple, yet effective addition to the gas store room of brackets and hooks at each cylinder holds the shutdown arms and regulators when changing cylinders.

Chemical protection

The fluoride dosing element of the water treatment plant contains a 4 percent sodium fluoride solution and has been designed to be maintained safely while in operation.

Hydramet fabricated a cabinet where duty and standby systems are housed separately. To ensure continuity of service the two systems operate independently.  Operators can then service one system safely while the other is running.

Public safety

The chlorination and fluoridation building is located in a residential area, so the client wanted to include an additional layer of protection by including a chlorine scrubber. The Hydramet scrubbing system is designed to contain and dispose of a full cylinder of chlorine gas.

If a chlorine gas leak is detected the automatic shutdown system initiates at 5ppm, closing all the cylinders in less than two seconds.

In the unlikely event that the chlorine gas reading increases to 10ppm the secondary air extraction system kicks in, absorbing the gas. The extraction then runs continuously until it is turned off manually.

The design features Hydramet has incorporated into this project make it one of the safest and most functional systems designed and built by the team; the building itself is cyclone rated region D.