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Hydramet specialises in water treatment solutions with a strong focus on chlorination, disinfection and chemical dosing for potable and wastewater treatment applications.
Chlorine analyser with digital communications features

Residual Chlorine Analyser Q46H 62-63

Product Specifications

Product Title: Residual Chlorine Analyser Q46H 62-63
Product Code: Q46H 62-63
Brand: ATI

The ATI Q46H 62-63 residual chlorine analyser is an upgrade of the Q45H featuring more power supply options and extra flexibility with up to 6 relays and 3 x 4-20mA outputs. Digital communication options for Profibus, Modbus or Ethernet have also been added.

The Q46H chlorine analyser uses a polargraphic membraned sensor for water quality testing to measure chlorine directly, without the need for chemical reagents

  • Easy to install
  • Free or combined chlorine
  • Automatic pH compensation
  • PID control function for quick and easy configuration
  • Flexible range capability: 0-2, 0-20 or 0-200 PPM
  • Low level application 0-200 PPB
  • Flow rate: 0.5-1 l/min
  • AC or DC power options
  • Dual chlorine/pH monitoring
  • Three analog output options
  • Relay outputs
  • Digital output options available

Monitor chlorine levels in:

  • drinking water
  • wastewater effluent
  • cooling water systems
Service Intervals: Major & minor - Yearly Major Service, Quaterly Minor Service
Specification Document: Q46H 62 63 Brochure
Q46H62 Free chlorine manual
Q46H63 Combined chlorine manual
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