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Operate and Control Liquefied Chlorine Gas Disinfection CENTRAL COAST

Available Dates
  • Wednesday, 24 October 2018
Place: Unit 14, 8 Teamster Close, Tuggerah
Admission Price: 616

According to the Australian Standard AS2927: 2001: The Storage and Handling of Liquefied Chlorine Gas, “All personnel who are directly involved in the operation and maintenance of chlorination systems shall be properly trained”


  • Properties of liquefied chlorine gas
  • Australian Standards requirements
  • Hazards of liquefied chlorine gas handling
  • Handling, transport and storage of liquefied chlorine gas containers
  • Correct selection and use of personal protective equipment
  • Emergency response, equipment and planning
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Safe methods of operation, including checking tools & equipment
  • Liquefied chlorine gas container connection and disconnection procedures
  • Monitor process performance
  • Collecting samples and conducting test
  • Health effects of liquefied chlorine gas
  • First aid procedures
  • Hazard signage


  • Certificate of completion issued by Hydramet


  • 1 day


  • None


  • None


For more information, please call (02) 4350 8200

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