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Hydramet specialises in water treatment solutions with a strong focus on chlorination, disinfection and chemical dosing for potable and wastewater treatment applications.
Process control for swimming pool water treatment applications

Depolox Pool Management System

Product Specifications

Product Title: Depolox Pool Management System
Product Code: Depolox Pool
Brand: Wallace & Tiernan
Description: Depolox pool provides total pool management for measuring free chlorine, combined chlorine, total chlorine, pH, redox voltage, conductivity and temperature
  • Adjustment to reduced volume flow (economic mode)
  • Two separate controller adaptors for standard and economic mode
  • Timer controlled superchlorination
  • Control of flocculant and powdered activated carbon systems and UV disinfection units
  • Automatic infrared calibration
  • Easy connection to web technology via Chemweb server
Specification Document: Depolox Pool Manual
Depolox Pool Management System
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