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Hydramet specialises in water treatment solutions with a strong focus on chlorination, disinfection and chemical dosing for potable and wastewater treatment applications.
Small packaged systems are fully automatic and include pH control, coagulant and polymer additions, partial recycle and circular flotation cells

Dissolved Air Flotation

Product Specifications

Product Title: Dissolved Air Flotation
Brand: Baldwin

Dissolved Air Flotation is a liquid/solid separation process in which microscopic air bubbles become attached to solid particles suspended in liquid, causing the solid particles to float. In a Dissolved Air Flotation wastewater treatment system air is dissolved into liquid under pressure.

The dissolved air remains in solution until the pressure is released to atmospheric pressure, causing the air to come out of solution in the form of microscopic air bubbles. The bubbles are mixed intimately with the wastewater and become attached to the solids in the waste stream causing the air solids agglomerate to float to the liquid surface where a solids blanket if formed. Surface skimmers then remove the float blanket.

  • Air Dissolving System - provides an air dissolving efficiency of approximately 80%
  • Air Release System - designed to maximise the conversion of air into bubbles
  • Air/Solids/Polymer Mixing Chamber - provides intimate mixing for the air bubbles, solids and polymer
  • Quiescent Flotation Cell
  • Process Optimisation
  • Performance Guarantee
Specification Document: Dissolved Air Flotation
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