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Hydramet specialises in water treatment solutions with a strong focus on chlorination, disinfection and chemical dosing for potable and wastewater treatment applications.
Hydramix is a submersible mixer providing continuous mixing for reservoirs with an integral sampling and dosing unit.

Submersible Mixer

Product Specifications

Product Title: Submersible Mixer
Product Code: Hydramix
Brand: Hydramet

The Hydramix submersible mixer is designed for use in water reservoirs to reduce the effects of chlorine stratification and to maintain chlorine residuals levels. It provides mixing, sampling and/or chemcial dosing to the reservoir to control water quality.

The mixer sizing and number of eductors are determined by the reservoir volume and the required turnover time. The Hydramix unit is positioned on the floor of the reservoir with the educator nozzles facing upwards and towards the centre of the reservoir to minimize any chance of disturbing sediment that may be on the bottom of the reservoir.

A water sample is taken from the mixer discharge via a dedicated sample line to a chlorine analyser, this in turn controls a metering pump or device which supplies metered chemical to an injection point on the side of the mixer unit. Mixing takes place in the pump discharge pipe work before the eductors and is then dispersed around the reservoir.

Multiple units can be installed in a reservoir as long as there is access, or they can be placed by a diver. The smaller units can be solar powered for remote sites where there is no mains electricity.

The Hydramix unit can be used on other mixing, dosing and sampling applications, including pH correction with the addition of more injection points.

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Specification Document: Hydramix
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