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Sodium hypochlorite monitoring system by Force Flow

Hypo Trak Sodium Hypochlorite Scales

Product Specifications

Product Title: Hypo Trak Sodium Hypochlorite Scales
Product Code: Hypo Trak
Brand: Forceflow

Feeding and tracking sodium hypochlorite usage in municipal water treatment systems has presented a challenge for end users for many years. First, sodium hypochlorite degrades over time which makes inventory control and usage documentation very tricky. Secondly, when sodium hypochlorite degrades, it releases gas bubbles that can often get trapped in feed tubing and pumps causing inconsistent feed and in some cases a “vapor lock” of the pump itself.

Lastly, as sodium hypochlorite loses strength, it forms byproducts called chlorates. Chlorates are known to impair thyroid function, and therefore regulatory officials are beginning to regulate how much chlorate can be in the water supply, and more specifically, how much chlorate can be contributed to the water supply from the source sodium hypochlorite

  • Vapour lock alarm "no-feed" condition
  • Warns of excessive chlorate formation
  • Tracks degrading sodium hypochlorite strength
  • For use with all Forceflow scales and sensors
Specification Document: Hypo Trak Manual
Hypo Trak Sodium Hypochlorite Monitoring System
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