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Preventative maintenance you can trust

Posted on February 27, 2018
Preventative maintenance you can trust

Hydramet designs, builds and installs bespoke water treatment and chemical dosing solutions. We have been involved with major potable, process and wastewater treatment applications across Australia for over 25 years.

Our skilled service team has always been renowned for quality workmanship and high standards of service. We currently maintain more than 700 disinfection facilities nationwide.

We are always searching for ways to further enhance our service offering to our clients and this is why we have introduced field service software.  Our new software enables us to provide accurate reporting of the works carried out during routine maintenance. This guarantees our clients know exactly what services they are receiving.

The detailed report includes situation analysis photos, safe work documentation, photographic evidence of the completed works and a report of damaged and/or replaced equipment and parts.

“The report is very comprehensive and the images are fantastic” Terry Lambert, Water Treatment Supervisor, Origin Energy.

Another benefit is the provision of a full service history to our clients providing insights for asset management with future assurance planning and budgeting capability.  The reports highlight areas of concern or recommendations for parts that may need to be replaced down the track.

We have even been able to help our clients solve some simple and minor issues immediately over the phone using information from photographic evidence and report history.

Dan Robertson, Service Manager, Hydramet Queensland adds “It’s our job to ensure the optimum performance of our clients water treatment and chemical dosing systems. We appreciate that they place a high level of trust in us. That’s why we keep a well-documented record of exactly what the issues are with the chosen equipment and how the system could be improved. This is the key to true preventative maintenance, something we take seriously, and this is where our new service software shines.”

Clients can see that a mandatory safe work method statement has been completed and signed by the Technician in charge. This ensures the site specific hazards have been assessed before work commences. The field service software enables safe work procedures to be upheld by allocating mandatory tasks to a job with check off points at each stage.

The new field service software helps us provide peace of mind to our clients with a preventative maintenance service they can trust.

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