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Portable water quality monitoring

Portable Water Quality Monitoring

Product Specifications

Product Title: Portable Water Quality Monitoring
Product Code: PQ45
Brand: ATI

ATI’s Series P-Q45 is the answer to the need for a rugged field-deployable package capable of measuring and recording water quality data in a variety of operating environments. It is ideal for short-term recording of specific parameters such as Free Chlorine and pH in potable water

The portable water quality monitor is mounted in a sealed and lockable case with it being able to operate for up to 30 days from two C-cell alkaline batteries, recording chlorine and pH data in an on-board data logger.  

PQ45 portable water quality monitoring systems can also be used for remote solar powered installations. Instead of using internal batteries, the system can operate from external power supplies from 5-17 VDC.

  • The portable monitor systems are also available for Dissolved Ozone, Residual Chlorine Dioxide, Dissolved Oxygen, or Conductivity.  
  • Additional Software: The software supplied with the system provides for easy download to a laptop or computer for analysis.
  • Low Operating Maintenance: The flow and pressure controls are built into the monitor so any external requirements are minimal. The connections are made through self-sealing fittings that isolate the flow as soon as they are disconnected.
Specification Document: PH manual
Ozone manual
Chlorine and pH manual
Chlorine dioxide manal
Hydrogen peroxide manual
Portable Water Quality Monitoring
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