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Ultraviolet disinfection upgrade at mine site

Ultraviolet disinfection upgrade


19 cubic m/hr


Western Australia


  • Fabrication
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Installation
  • Design


When a large valued client needed to upgrade an ultrafiltration system at one of their mine sites, the team at Hydramet WA did what they do best. They listened to the clients requirements and were quick to respond with a custom-made solution. 

The system is enclosed in a cyclone-rated 10m x3.3m building which allows plenty of working space for the site operators.

The concrete based building contains dual 1 micron filtration leading into a Wedeco UV system. The whole system is controlled by an Allen-Bradley PLC  which links to the existing WTP PLC. The operator can access all information via the HMI.

The units are Wedeco LBx90e 19m3/HR x 72mj/cm2 with validated performance and automatic wiping system to maintain maximum sleeve transmittance. Keeping the sleeves clean results in peak efficiency and reduced operating costs.

The filters are stainless steel bodies fitted with 1 micron filters in a duty / duty arrangement.