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Industrial Water Treatment

Hydramet provides systems for the monitoring, control and treatment of industrial process water.

Membrane technology filtration systems have been designed and built by Hydramet for process water used in the manufacture of electronics components or pharmaceuticals where high purity water is required. In these applications the quality of the water used in the manufacturing process directly effects the quality of the final product.

Hydramet also has experience of developing and building water recycling systems that treat wastewater from one process, so that it can be re-used in another process elsewhere on-site.

Other industrial water treatment solutions that Hydramet has designed, installed and commissioned include: disinfection systems, pH correction, oil and water separation, scale prevention, rain water harvesting and water softening. Clients that we have built bespoke systems for include hospitals, manufacturing, laundries, mines, automotive, power, paper mills, oil and gas.