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Wastewater Treatment

Sewage and wastewater treatment solutions vary considerably depending on the impurities in the water. Complex multi-stage processes are often necessary to meet legislation requirements in the treatment of discharges, especially in ocean outfalls.

Environmental legislations throughout the world require ever-increasing levels of treatment of industrial effluent and disinfection of wastewater with little or no final chlorine residual, which is placing unprecedented pressures on many manufacturing and process industries.

To assist companies meet or exceed these requirements for industrial wastewater treatment, Hydramet provides systems for the monitoring, control and treatment of effluent either for recycling within processes or for final discharge to the environment.

Hydramet can provide systems for the treatment of sewage wastes including carefully controlled chemical dosing which can be a useful addition to the wastewater treatment processes. This combined with the latest product developments in monitoring and control of influent and discharge streams, extends Hydramet's capability within wastewater treatment, recylcing and reuse.

Whatever your wastewater treatment needs, Hydramet works with you to provide the best-fit solution: